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Premium Stepping Stone Mix - 24 Pounds - SKU 903-16104W

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24 Lb Box Premium Stepping Stone Mix.

With Milestones' new 24-Pound box mix, you'll get a super value on enough of our unique stepping stone mix to create a whole garden path of stones. Each of our large stepping stone molds require seven pounds of mix, and each small mold requires 3-1/2 pounds. That means this jumbo box, with easy lift handles on the sides, will make three large stones and one small or up to seven small stones. All at a significant volume savings per pound of mix. With a great bargain like this, you can have the entire family create a lasting keepsake for your garden!

Our premium step stone mix is a specialized mix of super-fine cement, latex, and curing agents. It won't break under pressure (up to 250-Pound) or crack in extreme weather conditions. You'll get a smooth professional finish every time.

Prop 65